Leadership Theological University

Certified and aproved by Florida deparment of education Commission for independent education.


·         Leadership Theological University is designed to help those which hunger for the Bible and know that they have a calling from God in their life


     Leadership Theological Univerdity (LTU) is authorized by the Commission for Independent Education, Independent Colleges and Universities, Non-Secular Division, Florida Department of Education to operate as a private, non-secular college and to issue associate, bachelor, master and doctorate eclesiastical degrees.


About LTU

Leadership Theological University is an institution of post-secondary education which is dedicated to Pastors and other Christians desiring to become better equipped in order to accomplish the work of the ministry in the local church or in a paraa-ministry setting to which God has called them. We are a fundamental, evangelical, Bible believing University.

The institution offers specific courses which are designed to assist the busy Pastors or Ministry workers in their calling unto the ministry in their local church.


We believe that the Bible is the inerrant and infallible Word of God. We accept that the Bible is God's instruction manual for life and that it is written for all mankind. It is our belief that God created the earth and the universe in six literal days; that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of virgin. We believe that He died on the cross at Calvary, but that he arose from the dead three days later and now sits at the right hand of God as our High Priest and intervenes on our behalf to the Father for our sins. We further believes that He will be returning for us and that we whall reign in heaven for eternity with Him. Finally, we believe that all nonbelievers will be sentenced to a burning hell for eternity.

We provide programs to our students who are unable to attend fulltime classes on campus but have a hunger and desire to be used by the Lord in the ministry. This can be accomplished through our Distance Learning Program. We believe that we offer the finest Chrisitian education available in a streamlined fashion

We deem it an honor that you are considering us to be a part of your Christian Education for the purpose of building of the Kingdom of God and sincerely hope that you will consider Leadership Theological University as you endeavor to continue your studies.