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Unlike the practices of most other countries, in the United States accreditation of institutions of higher education is not conducted by the government. The US government does not approve or accredit higher education programs and schools. Instead, it is a voluntary process that is implemented by private nongovernmental accrediting agencies.

At present, there are both regional as well as national agencies involved in the accreditation process. If you are studying for other than ministry, to become a business administrator, engineer, lawyer, etc, make sure that the school at which you are going to study belongs to a regional accrediting association. In secular education, regional accreditation is essential.

However, even though accreditation is a voluntary act on the part of a University or College, LTU under the direction of the founding president sought and gained accreditation with:



This are accrediting commissions which holds at its primary objective the encouragement and maintenance of sound scholarship and the highest academic achievement in the areas of private education. Their purpose is the preparation of quality education in private schools, colleges, and theological seminaries. They are non-governmental body and makes no claims to be connected with the government.

If your sole purpose of needing an education is for the Gospel ministry or a related field within Christian ministry, secular accreditation is not necessary or required. All Christian churches generally accept quality Christian education regardless of which accreditation group (if any) the school is with. 

We are members of:


Asociacion Para La Educacion Teologica Hispana (Association For Hispanic Theological Education) (AETH).



American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation  (AAHEA)